The committee 2010-2011 of the Mexican and Latin American Society gives you the welcome to our KIOSKO. Inside you will find the latest news about our community and related events about our culture and customs.

Lorena Preciado

Lorena Preciado

Welcome to the Mexican & Latin American Society blog!

Here, you will find everything you need to know about the Mexican & Latin American Society in Sheffield, including information and pictures related to our academic and cultural activities, socials and parties. Besides, you will be able to find news, advices and relevant information for current members and prospectus Latin American students coming to the University of Sheffield.

The Mexican & Latin American society is focus on achieving several goals:

*Promote and spread language, traditions, culture and history of our Latin-American countries.

*Strengthen the link among the Society members, with academic, cultural, social and sports activities.

*Greet the new students to the University of Sheffield, providing information and advises for a smooth arrival.

*Increase the involvement of our Society within the community of Sheffield, and to mantain the existing bond with the Student Union of the University, authorities, agencies and other societies.

*Create a friendly enviroment based on mutual respect and tolerance among Latin-American, British and international students.

If you want to become a member or if you want to get in touch with the people of our Committee, please sen an e-mail to Mex-Lat-Soc@sheffield.ac.uk. We are waiting to hear from you, especially if you have ideas on how to improve this blog.

Everyone is welcome to become a member and join our diverse activities!

Lorena Preciado


24 Oct 2010

Latin Americas Bicentennial Party

The Latin Americas Bicentennial Party was celebrated tha last 18th of September. The venue was at St. Andrew Church Hall (Sheffield). This was a Magnus celebration where not only the Chilean independence was regarded, but also the Bicentennial Independence of several Latin American Countries (Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Mexico, Paraguay and Venezuela). The place was decorated with typical stuffs. A lot of people attended the event. People came from different parts of UK as Glasgow, Leeds, London, Manchester and Southampton and of course Sheffield. So many nationalities were there as people from Canada, China, Czech Republic, France, Finland, Greece, Holland, Italy, Poland, Spain, Turkey, Vietnam and of course British and Latin American people. During th event we had nice company of the Lord Mayor of Sheffield, Alan Law, and Lady Mayoress, Nicola Ashton. The Lord Mayor said cordial words to the public opening the event. Several dances and attractions were showed by the Mexican dance folk group Son de America, the Chilean Society and the tango couple Alejandra & Salvador. The chilean live band, Charquiband, played several Latin-American songs and rhythms. Lorena Preciado, President of MLAS, leaded the traditional El Grito (The Scream) to remember the epic history about the independence of Mexico. Delicious Chilean dishes as the "empanadas", Mexican food and drinks were supplied. The Chilean empanadas were supplied by the Chilean Society while the Mexican food was supplied by Chilangos Restaurant who's brought the BBQ kitchen from their restaurant in Meadowhall. Most of the money was designated to the charity to help those people that were injured by the last quake in Chile, and recent floods in Mexico. Thanks to the Lord Mayor of Sheffield, Alan Law, and Lady Mayoress, Nicola Ashton to attend the event. Thanks to MLAS committee to lead this project about the Bicentennial works. Thanks to Chilean Society of Sheffield to cooperat and has supported to the charity. Thanks to Chilango Restaurant to sponsor the event and to have supported to the charity. Thanks to the volunteers from MLAS and Chilean Society for all your help. A lot of thanks for everybody!

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